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A container object for the additionalData that can be returned in a notification referring to a single transaction.

Field Type Required Description
shopperReference String -x-

The ID that uniquely identifies the shopper. This shopperReference is the same as the shopperReference used in the initial payment.

This field is returned in case of recurring contract notifications.

shopperEmail String -x-

The shopper's email address.

This field is returned in case of recurring contract notifications.

authCode String -x- Authorisation code: 
  • When the payment is authorised successfully, this field holds the authorisation code for the payment. 
  • When the payment is not authorised, this field is empty.
cardSummary String -x-

Returns the last 4 digits of the credit card.

Only digits allowed. No alphabetic characters.
expiryDate String -x-

Returns the card expiry date.

  • Format: MM/YYYY
authorisedAmountValue String -x-

Value of the amount authorised.

Scenario 1 - Zero value auth transaction

Some issuers don't allow a zero value transaction. In this case Adyen authorises a minimum amount, for example Euro 1.00, to verify the shopper's card. After successful authorisation, Adyen's system automatically cancels the authorisation. The actual authorised amount is returned in this field which may differ from the amount sent in in the payment request.

Scenario 2 - Available amount

A shopper makes a transaction of Euro 10 using a gift card but the card contains only Euro 06. In this case, Adyen deducts the available amount and keeps the pending amount open to be completed with other payment options. The authorised amount is returned in this field.

You can enable this feature in your Customer Area:

  1. Go to Settings > Server Communication.
  2. Next to Standard Notification, click Edit & Test.
  3. Under Additional Settings, toggle Include Authorised Amount (dynamic zero auth).
  4. Click Save Configuration.
authorisedAmountCurrency String -x-

Currency of the authorised amount.