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This object provides fields to hold information on bank account details.

Field Type Required Description
bankAccountNumber String -white_check_mark-

The bank account number (without separators).

bankCity String -x- The bank city.
bankLocationId String -white_check_mark-

The location id of the bank.

The field value is nil in most cases.

bankName String -white_check_mark-

The name of the bank.

bic String -x-

The business identifier code (BIC) is the SWIFT address assigned to a bank.

The field value is nil in most cases.

countryCode String -white_check_mark-

Country code where the bank is located.

A valid value is an ISO 2-character country code (e.g. 'NL').

iban String -white_check_mark-

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

ownerName String -white_check_mark-

The name of the bank account holder.

If you submit a name with non-Latin characters, we automatically replace some of them with corresponding Latin characters to meet the FATF recommendations. For example:

  • χ12 is converted to ch12.
  • üA is converted to euA.
  • Peter Møller is converted to Peter Mller, because banks don't accept 'ø'.

After replacement, the ownerName must have at least three alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), and at least one of them must be a valid Latin character (A-Z, a-z). For example:

  • John17 - allowed.
  • J17 - allowed.
  • 171 - not allowed.
  • John-7 - allowed.

If provided details don't match the required format, the response returns the error message: 203 'Invalid bank account holder name'.

taxId String -x- Tax identification number.