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Gift cards

A container for the gift card information.

Field Type Required Description
cvc String -x-

If you choose to ask your shopper for the PIN while making the payment.

Use this field to enter the gift card PIN.

expiryMonth String -white_check_mark-

The gift card expiry month.

Format: 2 digits, zero-padded for single digits. For example:

  • 03 = March
  • 11 = November

If the card does not contain this value, you can pass dummy values to fulfil the requirement.

expiryYear String -white_check_mark-

The gift card expiry year.

Format: 4 digits. For example, 2018.

If the card does not contain this value, you can pass a dummy value to fulfil the requirement.

holderName String -white_check_mark- The name of the gift card holder.
number String -white_check_mark-

The gift card number. Do not use any separators.

  • Min. length: 4 characters
  • Max. length: 19 characters


Class -x-

Additional data container.


  • Key
  • Value

Use this object to deactivate a gift card.


String -x- Expected value: stored_value_redemption_type
Value String -x- Expected value: deactivate