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To adjust an authorised amount (increase or decrease), send a modification request to the /adjustAuthorisation endpoint. For more information, refer to Adjust Authorisation.

Field Type Required Description
merchantAccount String -white_check_mark-

The merchant account where the transaction, for which the request needs to be initiated, was processed.

modificationAmount Amount -white_check_mark-

The amount after adjusting. This amount value must be the absolute amount, to which you want to modify the current authorisation.

If you want to extend the validity of the authorisation, the value of this field has to be the same as in the original /authorise request.

originalReference String -white_check_mark- The originalReference value corresponds to the pspReference value assigned to the original payment. You receive the pspReference with:
  • The payment status, or
  • The authorisation notification.
reference String -x-

If you want, you can specify your reference for the modification request. This reference will be visible in the Customer Area and in reports. Max length: 80 characters.

additionalData.industryUsage String -x-

Allowed values:

  • DelayedCharge – You aim to charge an extra amount when the shopper has left the premises (for example, hotel extra charges).
  • NoShow – You aim to charge an extra amount because the shopper did not consume the service requested.