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If the message passes validation, a risk analysis is performed. Depending on the outcome, an authorisation is attempted and you receive a response with the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
additionalData Object -x-

This field contains additional data, which may be required for a particular payment request.

The additionalData object consists of entries, each of which includes the key and value. For more information on possible key-value pairs, refer to the additionalData section.

authCode String -white_check_mark-

Authorisation code: 

  • When the payment is authorised successfully, this field holds the authorisation code for the payment. 
  • When the payment is not authorised, this field is empty.

If a payment authorisation response includes resultCode and refusalReason, it means that the transaction either failed or was declined. Check their values for further details about any issues that affected the operation.

dccAmount Amount -x-

The dccAmount includes the currency of the conversion and the value of the transaction.

This value only applies if you have implemented Dynamic Currency Conversion. For more information, contact Support Team

dccSignature String -x-

Cryptographic signature used to verify ForexQuote.

This value only applies if you have implemented Dynamic Currency Conversion. For more information, contact Support Team

fraudResult FraudResult -x- The fraud result properties of the payment.


String -x-

The URL to direct the shopper to.

In case of SecurePlus, do not redirect a shopper to this URL.


String -x- The payment session.


String -x-

The 3D request data for the issuer.

If the value is CUPSecurePlus-CollectSMSVerificationCode, collect an SMS code from the shopper and pass it in the authorise3D request. For more information, see 3D Secure.

pspReference String -white_check_mark- Adyen's 16-character unique reference associated with the transaction/the request. This value is globally unique; quote it when communicating with us about this request.
refusalReason String -x-

When the payment is not authorised, it is refused, or if an error occurs, this field holds Adyen's mapped reason for the refusal or a description of the error. Possible error messages:

  • Transaction not found
  • Transaction is expired
  • Insufficient balance on payment
  • Only possible to refund the full amount
  • Only possible to capture the full amount
  • Modification in different currency than authorisation
  • Internal error
  • Operation not available
  • Operation not allowed
  • Operation failed
  • Recurring not supported for this payment method
  • Recurring transaction failed
  • Recurring contract is not active
  • Recurring contract not found
  • Recurring initial payment not found
  • Recurring initial payment not available
  • Recurring contract already exists
  • Fund Transfer not supported for this payment method
  • Fund Transfer failed
  • Fund Transfer: initial payment not found
  • Fund Transfer: Original Transaction is never authorised
  • The payment details have expired
  • Fund Transfer: unable to transfer to this bankaccount
  • InvoiceLines are incorrect
  • Incomplete or invalid payment details
  • No suitable capture found for partial refund
  • Invalid referral authorisation code

When a payment authorisation response includes resultCode and refusalReason, the transaction failed or was declined. Check their values to know the issues that affected the operation.

resultCode String -white_check_mark-

The outcome of the payment. The possible values are:

  • Authorised
  • Refused
  • Error
  • Cancelled
  • Received
  • RedirectShopper