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3D Secure 1 and 2 redirect authentication

Learn how to support both versions of 3D Secure through a redirect page.

To complete a card payment with 3D Secure authentication, the shopper needs to verify the payment with their bank. For 3D Secure 1, this usually involves entering a unique password or SMS code on their bank's website. For 3D Secure 2, the shopper's identity may be verified using passive, biometric, or a two-factor authentication approach.

This section explains how to implement both versions of 3D Secure using a redirect. We will check which version the issuer supports, and provide a redirect URL where your shopper can complete either the 3D Secure 1 or the 3D Secure 2 authentication, depending on which version the issuer supports.

For a better shopper experience, you can alternatively perform 3D Secure 2 authentication natively within your website or mobile app. For more information, refer to our Native 3D Secure 2 integration guide.

Which platform are you integrating?

If you have an existing 3D Secure 1 implementation, you can already support 3D Secure 2 on the same redirect. Contact our Support Team to have this configured.

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