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Real Time Account Updater

When you submit a payment that is refused, our Real Time Account Updater instantly checks with Visa and Mastercard for updated card details. If there's an update, we'll immediately retry the payment with the updated card details. This all happens as the payment is being processed, and appears as a single transaction.

Real Time Account Updater is available globally for participating Mastercard issuers, and for Visa cards issued in Canada and the United States.

Set up Real Time Account Updater

To set up Real Time Account Updater, contact our Support Team.

No additional integration steps are required if you're using tokenization.

If you're storing card on file details, you can collect updated card details in an encrypted batch result file. These are generated automatically each day, and available to you in an SFTP directory. To set up an SFTP directory, contact our Support Team. You'll need to provide your IP address, and SSH and PGP keys. For more information, see Advanced SFTP batch files.

Receive card updates in payment response

You can optionally receive updated card details in the payment response, which you can use to update your other systems (such as a CRM tool).

To receive the updated card details:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Navigate to Account > API URLs.
  3. Go to the Additional data in API response section.
  4. Under Card, turn on the card details that you want to receive. We recommend at least the following: 

    For a description of the included fields for a card detail, click on the detail in your Customer Area.

    • Card bin details
    • Card summary
    • Expiry date
  5. Under Payment, turn on Realtime Account Updater Status.

If a card's details have been updated, you'll receive this information as additionalData in the payment response.

   additionalData: {
      expiryDate: "8/2018",
      realtimeAccountUpdaterStatus: "CardChanged",
      cardSummary: "1111",
      cardSchemeCommercial: "true",
      cardPaymentMethod: "visa",
      cardIssuingBank: "Bank of America",
      cardIssuingCountry: "US",
      cardIssuingCurrency: "USD",
      cardBin: "411111",
      fundingSource: "CREDIT"

Realtime account updater statuses

When we perform the real time account update, we return a status, additionalData.realtimeAccountUpdaterStatus, indicating if and how the card details were updated. 

The realtime account updater status can be one of the following values:

Status Card Updated Description
CardChanged Yes The card number has changed.
CardExpiryChanged Yes The card expiration date has changed.
CloseAccount No The card has been closed by the issuer and is no longer valid. We will not automatically remove the card details. Disable the card details and request the shopper to provide new card details.
ContactCardAccountHolder No (Visa Only) The card was updated but the updated details are not in the Account updater service. Reach out to the card holder to get their updated card information.
Unknown No (MasterCard Only) We received an unknown value, in most cases, this means Mastercard, temporarily, couldn't find the card in their system.

If you are using tokenized details, the tokenized details will be updated and the recurringDetailReference will stay the same.

Get a report on card updates

The Account Updater results report shows a summary of Account Updater results from a particular period of time. Use this report to check the outcomes and statuses of account update requests, and get a summary of both Real Time Account Updater and Batch Account Updater results. You can also analyze the fees charged for the Account Updater.

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