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Payouts to a PayPal account

To make payouts using PayPal, you must give the API user the Initiate transactions to multiple recipients in a single batch permission.

To make a payout to a PayPal account, make a /storeDetailAndSubmitThirdParty call, including: 

  • selectedBrandpaypal
  • emailId: the email address for the PayPal account of the recipient
  • shopperName
  • dateOfBirth

For a list of supported countries for payouts to PayPal accounts, refer to Third-party payouts.


      "gender" : "FEMALE",
   "dateOfBirth": "1982-07-17",
   "entityType" : "NaturalPerson",
   "nationality" : "NL",


   "reference":"Test Payout",

The response will contain a pspReference and a resultCode.


To complete the payout, send a request to the /confirmThirdParty endpoint, passing the pspReference from the previous response as an originalReference field value.


The response will contain a pspReference and a response.