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Recurring details request

This table lists data that should be passed in an HPP payment request to create a recurring contract.

Field Type Required Description
recurringContract String -white_check_mark-

The type of recurring contract to be used. Possible values:

  • ONECLICK – Payment details can be used to initiate a one-click payment, where the shopper enters the card security code (CVC/CVV).
  • RECURRING – Payment details can be used without the card security code to initiate card-not-present transactions.
  • ONECLICK,RECURRING – Payment details can be used regardless of whether the shopper is on your site or not.
  • PAYOUT – Payment details can be used to make a payout.
shopperEmail String -white_check_mark- The shopper's email address.
shopperReference String -white_check_mark- The shopper's reference for the payment transaction.