Account management API

The account management API calls allow you to retrieve account information, modify your account details, as well as enable automatic notifications that are triggered whenever your account settings are modified.

You can manage your company and merchant accounts with API calls. You can send API requests to query, edit, and update your account details.
For example, you can use API calls to keep cost contract information, contract details, and bank account/payout information up to date.

While integrating the Adyen payments platform of products and services with a third-party system, we strongly recommend you follow defensive programming best practices.
This means, for example, that system-automated decisions should have defaulted to non-delivery of products and services:
  • Your system should deliver products and services only after receiving an explicit authorisation response to a corresponding payment request.
  • Your system should not deliver any products or services when it does not receive any explicit response.

When communicating with Adyen, it is important to respect the DNS Time-To-Live (TTL). Some technologies, for example Java, cache DNS lookups by default. Adyen routinely changes its DNS configuration. If your implementation caches DNS lookup, it may affect your ability to submit modifications and/or payments.

This functionality requires additional configuration on Adyen's end. To enable it, contact the  Support Team.