Updates the information of an existing bank account at merchant level:

  • Pass new data with the call: update operation. The new data replace the corresponding existing data.
  • Pass an empty string with the call: delete operation. The empty string replaces the corresponding existing data, i.e. the information on record is deleted.
  • Pass the same value or no new value with the call: no changes. The corresponding existing data is kept.
  • Any optional sub-fields left out/not included in the update: no changes. The corresponding existing data is kept.

The following fields require a 4-eye policy review:

  • bankAccountsDeleteUnconfirmed
  • bankAccountsUpdateUnconfirmed
This call  does not support partial updates.

If an error occurs during an update:

  • No changes are applied.
  • Current data is kept.
  • The entire update fails.

A bank account is defined by the  merchantCode and the currency. There can't be multiple bank accounts with the same currency set up.
For an update none of the fields other than these two are required. If a value for a field is not set, the old value is kept for it. If it is provided, the old value is updated to the new one.

updateBankAccount request and response hierarchy