Account settings notification

Account settings notification messages are sent when account status information related to a company or merchant account changes.

You can configure the service at company level or at merchant level. When the merchant level is not configured for account settings notifications, the service defaults to the company level.

When the service is enabled, account settings notification messages are triggered when one or more of the following account fields undergo any changes:

Name Description

Defines the status of the account.
Allowed values:

  • InactiveWithModifications
    The merchant account is currently not active, yet there are some modification requests associated with it.
  • Inactive
    The merchant account is currently not active.
  • PreActive
    The merchant account is on record, but it has not yet been activated.
  • Active
    The merchant account is active.
  • Closed
    The merchant account has been closed.
  • TemporaryInactive
    The merchant account is temporarily not active.

Defines the payable status of a payout.
For example: Payable or Blocked.

    "Status" : "Blocked",
    "NewStatus" : "Payable",
    "JaasUserKey" : "internal",
    "Note" : "test"


Defines the registered merchant name associated to the account.
For example: Acme.

The three-character ISO currency code.

Defines the primary currency used for settlements.
merchantCategoryCode Defines the merchant category code (MCC) assigned to the merchant by the card issuer.