Account management - Notification setup

Subscribe to the service

To enable this type of notifications, you need to subscribe to the account settings notification service.

Contact support

At the moment it is not possible to configure account settings notification messages in the Adyen Customer Area (CA).

This functionality requires additional configuration on Adyen's end. To enable it, contact the  Support Team.

Set up an endpoint

Set up a URL endpoint to receive the notifications, and communicate the corresponding URL to the Support Team.

Implement the service interface

To consume the web service, implement the appropriate WSDL definitions on your end.
These are the test and live URL endpoints exposing the WSDL interface definition to communicate with our account settings notification web service:

Test account settings
notification service

Live account settings
notification service

Accept notifications

Always reply to a notification by sending an [accepted] reply within 30 seconds from reception.

Exclude account fields

If you prefer to not receive notifications about a specific account field, you can customize the content and exclude one or more account field names from the notification payload. The corresponding information is not included in the notification messages.

When you exclude a field, no new notifications are generated for that field. However, if there are any pending unsent notifications that include it, they are processed normally, i.e. the excluded field is not removed before sending.