addWebUser request

addWebUser request fields

To create a new web user, pass the following fields:

Name Type Required Description
email String (tick)
The email address associated with the user account.
merchantCodes List (error)
A list holding merchant code strings

A merchant code string holds a value to identify a merchant.


  • Either: MerchantAccount.Merchant_Code
  • Or: Merchant_Code

name class (tick)

A container object for personal data

  • firstName
  • gender
  • infix
  • lastName

firstName String (tick)
The first name/given name of the user.
  • Max. length: 80 characters
gender enum (tick)
Defines the gender of the user.
Allowed values:
  • MALE


String (error)
Infix in the user account's name.
  • Max. length: 20 characters
lastName String (tick)
The last name/family name of the user.
  • Max. length: 80 characters
roles List (error)

A container object for types of role for the account user.

  • RoleType

RoleType enum (error)
It defines the type of role assigned to the user account.
Allowed values:
  • Merchant_manage_payments
  • Merchant_Report_role
  • Merchant_dispute_management
  • Merchant_technical_integrator
  • Merchant_View_Risk_Results_role
  • Merchant_view_risk_settings
  • Merchant_change_risk_settings 
  • Merchant_allowed_own_password_reset 
timeZoneCode String (error)
The time zone associated to the user account profile.

If you do not specify any value, the active user's time zone settings are used instead.

userName String (tick)
A user name string holds the user account display name.
It can include:
  • Digits: 0-9
  • Letters a-z, A-Z
  • Special characters: "." (dot), "-" (hyphen), "_" (underscore)