When making the API call, merchants can submit either the credit card information, or the recurring detail reference and the shopper reference:

  • if the card information is provided, all the sub-fields for card are mandatory.
  • if the recurring detail reference is provided, the fields for shopperReference and selectedRecurringDetailReference are mandatory.

The call has the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
additionalData Object (error)

This field contains additional data, which may be required for a particular payment request.

card Card   (error)

A container for credit card data.

Optional if shopperReference and selectedRecurringDetailReference are provided.

merchantAccount String (tick) Account of the merchant.
reference String (tick)

A reference that merchants can apply for the call.

selectedRecurringDetailReference String (error)

The selected detail recurring reference.

Optional if all card information is provided.

shopperReference String (error)

The reference of the shopper that owns the recurring contract.

Optional if all card information is provided.