Basket content fields

Field Type Required Description


Object (error) A container for a specific item.
The <itemNr> placeholder is replaced with an integer that increments by one unit.

It contains the following elements:

  • itemID
  • productTitle
  • amountPerItem
  • currency
  • upc
  • sku
  • brand
  • manufacturer
  • category
  • color
  • size
  • quantity
  • receiverEmail


String (error)

ID of the item.

productTitle String (error)

A text description of the product the invoice line refers to.

amountPerItem String (error)

The price of item<itemNr> in the basket, represented in minor units.


String (error)

The three-character ISO currency code.

upc String (error)

Universal Product Code.

sku String (error)

Stock keeping unit.

brand String (error)

Brand of the item.

manufacturer String (error)

Manufacturer of the item.

category String (error)

Category of the item.

color String (error)

Color of the item.

size String (error)

Size of the item.

quantity String (error)

Quantity of the item purchased.

receiverEmail String (error) Email associated with the given product in the basket (usually in electronic gift cards).