Promotion content fields

Field Type Required Description


Object (error) A container for a specific promotion.
The <promotionNr> placeholder is replaced with an integer that increments by one unit.

It contains the following elements:

  • promotionCode
  • promotionName
  • promotionDiscountAmount
  • promotionDiscountCurrency
  • promotionDiscountPercentage


String (error)

Code of the promotion.

promotionName String (error)

Name of the promotion.

promotionDiscountAmount String (error)

The discount amount of the promotion, represented in minor units.


String (error)

The three-character ISO currency code.

promotionDiscountPercentage String (error)

Promotion's percentage discount. It is represented in percentage value and there is no need to include the '%' sign.

e.g. for a promotion discount of 30%, the value of the field should be 30.