Ratepay fields

These fields should be used within the additionalData field. For more information on submitting additionalData see the PaymentRequest.additionalData topic.

Field Type Required Description

Int (long)


Amount the customer has to pay each month


Int (long)


Amount of the last installment


Double (tick)

Interest rate of this installment

ratepay.paymentFirstday Integer (error) Calendar day of the first payment
ratepaydata.invoiceId String (error) Identification name or number for the invoice, defined by the merchant.
ratepaydata.invoiceDate DateTime (error) Invoice date, defined by the merchant. If not included, the invoice date is set to the delivery date.
ratepaydata.deliveryDate DateTime (error) Date the merchant delivered the goods to the customer.
ratepaydata.dueDate DateTime (error) Date by which the customer must settle the payment.