Split payment fields

With these calls you can split a shopper's payment between several accounts of an account holder, with your marketplace's commission and payment fee. These calls are similar to standard authorise/capture/refund calls, but should also contain additionalData with information how to split a payment. For more information, refer to Processing payments.

If any of the fields provided in additionalData is not validated/correct, the MarketPay system ignores it silently and processes the payment request without additional data.

Field Type Required Description
split.api String (tick)

Fixed value.

This must be the version of the Split API, currently 1.

split.nrOfItems String (tick)

The number of Split Items is how many pieces the payment is split into.

The value specified needs to match the number of Split Items in the request.

split.totalAmount Int (tick)

Total amount of the transaction.

Must be equal to the sum of all item<ItemNr>.amount fields and the amount of the transaction.

split.currencyCode String (tick) Currency of the transaction.
split.item<ItemNr> Object (tick)

Container for a specific item. The <ItemNr> placeholder is replaced with an integer (starting with one) that increments by one unit.

  amount Int (tick)

Part of the totalAmount to be split for this item.

This amount needs to be represented in minor units according to the following table.
Some currencies do not have decimal points, such as JPY, and some have 3 decimal points, such as BHD.
For example, 10 GBP is submitted as 1000, whereas 10 JPY is submitted as 10.

  type String (tick)

Type of the account.

Allowed values:

  • Default – the amount is sent to a marketplace account by default.
  • MarketPlace – indicates that the amount should be sent to an account.
  • Commission – a marketplace's commission, which is specified by the amount field, should be sent to a marketplace.
  • PaymentFee – a payment fee, which is specified by the  amount  field, should be sent to a marketplace.
  • VAT – the tax amount, which is sent to a marketplace account.
  account String (error)

The code of the account that will receive the amount in the split item. This is the accountCode value that you receive in the response when you create an account or an account holder.

Required if the type field is MarketPlace.

  reference String (error)

Reference for the item.

Required if the type field is MarketPlace.

  description  String  (error)  Description of the Split item.