Field Type Required Description
pspReference String (tick) A PSP reference.
referralTypes Array of String (tick)

The type of a referral included in the request.

Allowed values:

  • shopperemail
  • shopperip
  • pmowner (this corresponds to the shopper name)
  • shopperaddress
  • shopperreference
  • txvariantshopperreference (this refers to the PayPal Payer ID referral)
  • emaildomain
  • socialsecuritynumber
  • phonenumber
  • cardnumber
  • ibannumber
  • issuerreference
  • issuingcountry
  • persistentcookie
  • ipcountry
  • paymentreference

If you are including shopperAddress, follow the specified structure for each referral (replace the referralContainer with addressReferrals).