Field Type Required Description
accountCode String (tick) The merchant account code.
action String (tick)

The action type.

Allowed values:

  • block
  • trust
  • delete
addressReferrals Array of ShopperAddress (tick) The container for address referral fields. This field should be used for uploading address referrals in place of referralContainer.
paymentReferenceReferrals Array of PaymentReferenceReferral (tick)

This field extracts a set of specified referral types from the payment based on the provided PSP reference. Use this in place of referralContainer.

reason String (tick) Reason of the request. The reason field is automatically generated to include the PSP reference.
referralType String (tick)

The type of a referral included in the request.

Allowed values:

  • shopperemail
  • shopperip
  • pmowner (this corresponds to the shopper name)
  • shopperaddress
  • shopperreference
  • txvariantshopperreference (this refers to the PayPal Payer ID referral)
  • emaildomain
  • socialsecuritynumber
  • phonenumber
  • cardnumber
  • ibannumber
  • issuerreference
  • issuingcountry
  • persistentcookie
  • ipcountry

If you are including shopperAddress, follow the specified structure for each referral (replace the referralContainer with addressReferrals).

referrals  Array of ReferralContainer (tick)

A container for the referralContainer.