This class contains data that should be passed in the /storeDetail request to store payout details.

Field Type Required Description
additionalData Object (error)

This field contains additional data, which may be required for a particular request.

bank BankAccount (error)

A container for bank account data.

This field is mandatory if the card details are not provided.

billingAddress Address (error) The billing address.
card Card (tick)

A container for card data.

This field is mandatory if bank details are not provided.

dateOfBirth Date (tick)

The date of birth.

Format: ISO-8601; example: YYYY-MM-DD

For Paysafecard it must be the same as used when registering the Paysafecard account.

This field is mandatory for natural persons. 

entityType String (tick)

The type of the entity the payout is processed for.

Allowed values:

  • NaturalPerson
  • Company
fraudOffset Int (error)

An integer value that is added to the normal fraud score. The value can be either positive or negative.

merchantAccount String (tick)

The merchant account identifier you want to process the (transaction) request with.

nationality String (tick)

The shopper's nationality.

A valid value is an ISO 2-character country code (e.g. 'NL').

recurring Object (tick)

A container for the type of recurring contract to be retrieved.

The recurring.contract must be set to "PAYOUT".

selectedBrand String (error)

The name of the brand to make a payout to.

For Paysafecard it must be set to paysafecard.

shopperEmail String (tick) The shopper's email address.
shopperName Name (tick)

The shopper's name.

In case the entityType is Company, the shopperName.lastName must contain the company name.

shopperReference String (tick) The shopper's reference for the payment transaction.
socialSecurityNumber String (error) The shopper's social security number.