Secured Fields Configuration Object

Use optional properties to modify Secured Fields default configuration for card brand recognition and DOM access.

Update configuration object

Add optional properties in the configuration at the bottom of the <body> of your payments page.

  <script type="text/javascript">
   var csfSetupObj = {
	  rootNode: '.cards-div',
	  configObject : {
		originKey : "[ORIGIN KEY]",
		cardGroupTypes: ['maestro','visa','amex'] // OPTIONAL 
	  allowedDOMAccess : false, // OPTIONAL  - Defaults to true 
   var securedFields = csf(csfSetupObj);
  • cardGroupTypes: Optional. Configure supported card types to facilitate brand recognition used in the onBrand callback. Defaults to ['mc','visa','amex']See list of available card types. If a shopper enters a card type not specified in the cardGroupTypes configuration, the onBrand callback will not be invoked.
  • allowedDOMAccess: Optional. Enables or disables adding encrypted values to hidden <input> fields in the <div> that holds the data-cse elements. Defaults to true
    If you do not want Secured Fields to automatically add hidden input fields, set allowedDOMAccess to false. To get the encrypted card details when allowedDOMAccess is set to false, use the values from the blob property on the onFieldValid callback object. This callback is invoked as a specific field is validated and encrypted. See Secured Field callbacks for more information.

Supported card types

Use the values in this list when specifying card types in the cardGroupTypes array. If card types are not provided, the configuration defaults to ['mc','visa','amex']

Card Type
amex Amex
argencard Argencard
bcmc Bancontact/Mister Cash
bijcard de Bijenkorf Card
cabal Cabal
cartebancaire Carte Bancaires
codensa Codensa
cup China Union Pay
dankort Dankort
diners Diners Club
discover Discover
elo ELO
forbrugsforeningen Forbrugsforeningen
hiper HiperCard
hipercard HiperCard
jcb JCB
karenmillen Karen Millen GiftCard
laser Laser
maestro Maestro
maestrouk Maestro UK
mc Mastercard
mcalphabankbonus Alpha Bank Mastercard Bonus
mir MIR
naranja Naranja
oasis Oasis GiftCard
shopping Tarjeta Shopping
solo Solo
troy Troy
uatp UATP
visa Visa
visaalphabankbonus Alpha Bank Visa Bonus
visadankort Visa Dankort
warehouse Warehouse GiftCard