ACH payment fields

Initiate a payment request with the given fields:

Field Type Required Description
bankAccount Object (tick)

A container for bank account data.

It contains the following elements:

  • bankAccountNumber
  • bankLocationId
  • bankName
  • bic
  • countryCode
  • ownerName
  bankAccountNumber String (tick)

The US bank account number from which the payment will be debited.

Format: numeric.

For ACH transactions, the bank account number needs to comply with length restrictions: min. 4, max. 17 digits.

  bankLocationId String (tick)

The ABA routing transit number for ACH payments from the bank account.

Format: 9-digit number.

Do not remove any leading zeroes in it.

  bankName String (error)

The name of the bank where the account is held.

  bic String (error)

The business identifier code (BIC) is the SWIFT address assigned to a bank.

  countryCode String (tick)

The country code for the transaction.

For ACH transactions, set its value to US .

  ownerName String (tick) The bank account holder name.
billingAddress Object (tick)

A container for the billing address information.

It contains the following elements:

  • city
  • country
  • houseNumberOrName
  • postalCode
  • stateOrProvince
  • street
  city String (tick)

Name of the city.

  country String (tick)

The country identifier.

For ACH payments, set its value to US.

  houseNumberOrName String (tick)

House number, or house name, or another house identifier.

  postalCode String (tick)

Zip/Post code.

  stateOrProvince String (tick)

Name of the state, region or province, where applicable.

  street String (tick)

Name of the street.

You can append a house number to the street parameter. In this case, houseNumberOrName should be set to an empty string.

An ACH payment response is similar to card payment responses, the only difference being that an ACH response does not include an authorisation code (authCode), because it is not generated in this case.

The table below lists parameters returned in an ACH payment response.

Field Type Required Description
additionalData Object (tick)
The additionalData object is a generic container that can hold extra fields.
  achdirectdebit.dateOfSignature String (tick) Transaction signature date.
Format: yyyy-MM-dd
  achdirectdebit.mandateId String (tick) Its value corresponds to the pspReference value for the transaction.
  achdirectdebit.sequenceType String (tick)
achdirectdebit.sequenceType can take one of the following values:
  • Final: (FNAL) Last/final collection in a series of direct debit instructions.
  • First(FRST) Initial/first collection in a series of direct debit instructions.
  • OneOff: (OOFF) Direct debit instruction to initiate exactly one direct debit transaction.
  • Recurring: (RCUR) Direct debit instruction to carry out regular direct debit transactions initiated by the creditor.
pspReference String (tick)
Adyen's 16-character unique reference associated with the transaction/the request. This value is globally unique; quote it when communicating with us about this request.
refusalReason String (error) When the payment is not authorised and it is refused, this field holds Adyen's mapped reason for the refusal.
resultCode String (tick)

The outcome of the payment. The possible values are:

  • Authorised
  • Received
  • Refused