Billing address and AVS fields

For more information on Address Verification System (AVS), refer to AVS.

You can choose to have the HPPs collect the billing address and/or pre-populate these values from your own system.

Description String (tick) The city. String (tick)

The country code information of the billing address section.

The country value format needs to adhere to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard. An invalid country code results in a transaction/request rejection. You can look up country codes on the ISO website.
billingAddress.houseNumberOrName String (tick) The house number (or name).
billingAddress.postalCode String (tick) The postal/zip code.
billingAddress.stateOrProvince String (tick) The state or province.
billingAddress.street String (tick) The street name.
billingAddressType String (tick)

You can specify the billingAddressType to define whether the shopper is allowed to view and/or modify these personal details.

The billingAddressType field is part of the merchantSignature, which is used to calculate the HMAC.

The billingAddressType can be:

  • Not supplied - modifiable / visible
  • 1 - unmodifiable / visible
  • 2 - unmodifiable / invisible

If you want the shopper to enter the billing address on the payment pages, you need to select the Billing Address Fields (AVS) checkbox on the skin edit page in the Customer Area, without supplying a billingAddressType value. 

The billing address details are stored with the transaction. They are visible in the Customer Area when either a billingAddressType value is provided, or when Billing Address Fields (AVS) is configured for a skin.