Shopper fields

Shopper details can be sent to Adyen. They can also be encrypted using a signature. These are the fields Adyen recognizes as shopper information:

shopper.dateOfBirthDayOfMonth String (tick) The day of the month of the shopper's birth.
shopper.dateOfBirthMonth String (tick) The month of the shopper's birth.
shopper.dateOfBirthYear String (tick) The year of the shopper's birth.
shopper.firstName String (tick) The shopper's first name.
shopper.gender String (tick) The shopper's gender.
shopper.infix String (tick)

The shopper infix.

shopper.lastName String (tick) The shopper's last name.
shopper.telephoneNumber String (tick)

The shopper's telephone number.


This field is mandatory in case of SecurePlus authorise requests.

shopperType String (tick)

This field can be used if validation of the shopper fields is desired.

Possible values: 

  • 1 - unmodifiable / visible
  • 2 - unmodifiable / invisible