Development resources

The following pages are useful for developers integrating with Adyen:

  • Test cards – Test your payments using the test card numbers provided by Adyen, or create your own.
  • Payment modifications – Learn how to capture, cancel, or refund a payment.
  • Notifications (webhooks) – Synchronize your back office with the Adyen payments platform.
  • Live endpoints – Learn which endpoints should be used when switching your integration from test to live.
  • Libraries – Learn how to install and use our server-side API libraries.
  • API idempotency – Describes the concept of API idempotency, where making the same request many times produces the same effect as making it only once.
  • Currency codes – Lists the codes for different currencies, as well as provides information on the amount of minor units you need to specify for each currency.
  • Response handling – How to handle HTTP responses, refused payments and errors.
  • Refusal reasons – Learn about the reasons why a payment authorisation can be refused.
  • Raw acquirer responses – Review a table of refusal reasons for Visa and Mastercard.
  • Payments with pending status – Describes a common payment status you may see in the Customer Area.