Account Updater

Visa and Mastercard offer merchants a service to receive updates of account information changes (for example, expiration dates for cards). If you allow Adyen to update the account information of your shoppers' cards, you can maintain continuity in their payment relationship, despite their account information being updated. Adyen offers an Account Updater service as an extension to the Adyen recurring payment service.

You can receive updates when:

  • A new expiry date for expired cards is available.
  • A new card replaces the old one.
  • A shopper reports loss or theft of their card.
  • A shopper informs their card issuer that they no longer authorise the merchant to charge their card automatically.

Submit either of the following requests for Account Updater according to your requirements:

In addition, you can find information on Account Updater operations in corresponding reports. For more information, refer to Report for Account Updater.


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