Modification request file

Modification line

The line record [L] holds the metadata information that applies to its corresponding sub-line [SL] records.

Field #





Fixed value: L


Record type identifier


Numeric [0-9]+


L line record number reference within the batch file block it belongs to.

The counter starts at 1, and it increments sequentially by one unit.


Fixed value: MerchantAccount


Account type.
Defines the type of account the transactions are related to.


Alphabetic data [A-Z, a-z] 


Specifies the merchant account name.


Allowed values:

  • AuthoriseReferral
  • Cancel
  • Capture
  • Refund
  • CancelOrRefund


Processing type.
Defines the type of action that is required for the specified transaction.


Alphabetic data [A-Z, a-z]


A unique identifier associated to a specific transaction.

As for modification requests, the merchant reference value can either:

  • Keep the same value and refer to the original payment authorisation reference. Or
  • Take a new reference value for the modification request in question.


Alphabetic data [A-Z, a-z]



In this field you can specify any data you may want to be returned with the result file.
When this field is populated, its content is returned exactly as is.
The Adyen payments platform does not use this data.

Maximum character length: 80 characters.

Modification sub-lines

The number and the type of sub-lines that you need to include varies depending on the modification request you are submitting.