Hosted Payment Pages

The Adyen Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) provide a flexible, secure and easy way for shoppers to purchase goods and services:

  • Shoppers go to your site, where they select and add the desired items to their shopping cart.
  • When they are ready to checkout to pay and finalize their order, they are redirected to the hosted payment page, where they enter the necessary details to complete the payment.
  • After submitting the payment information, they are redirected back to your web site, where they can land on a summary information page displaying the result of the payment.
  • You can style and customize the look and feel of the HPP using Adyen's skin technology and toolset to create a brand-consistent, seamless checkout experience for your shoppers.

Local payment methods supported by HPP can vary per country or region. Some examples of local payment methods are direct bank transfer, ewallets, or mobile payments. To know which methods can be enabled for you, contact Support Team.

For an overview of the various payment methods available, see Payment methods.

You can choose among the following payment flows.

One-page payment flow

The one-page payment flow consolidates the payment process in a single page. It makes extensive use of JavaScript to manipulate and validate the page content. It is suitable for use with modern browsers and when page complexity is not an issue. Some presentation and validation occurs automatically. For example, the credit card logo is highlighted when the shopper enters the first digits of their card and if the card number is invalid, an error is displayed prior to payment submission.

To use this payment flow, you need to make a normal payment request call to pay.shtml.

Multi-page payment flow

The multi-page payment flow splits the payment process into two or discrete steps or more. It is lightweight and it does not require JavaScript. This ensures maximum compatibility with a wide range of browsers and devices, including mobile phones and PDAs.

To use this payment flow, you need to make a normal payment request call to select.shtml.

Directory lookup

Optionally, you may choose to host the payment selection on your website and skip the HPP part (directory lookup). Directory lookup enables you to directly show the entry fields for the selected payment methods to shoppers. It sends information such as the shopper location, shopping basket value and currency to the Adyen Payment Platform, which dynamically provides the list of the most relevant payment methods for this shopper to the merchant. By using this payment data, you can dynamically generate a customized payment page allowing the shopper to complete their purchase using a targeted selection of payment methods.  By selecting a payment method, the shopper is redirected to the local payment method check out of his choice, for example the shopper’s own bank iDEAL page, the shopper's own bank Suomen Verkumaksut page, PayPal page, etc. Following any payment request, Adyen sends back a notification providing the status of the payment and updates the status as soon as it changes. This means that our customers receive information about the status of the request in all cases.

To use this payment flow, you need to make a normal payment request call to directory.shtml.

Before proceeding with the payments you need to create a skin, refer Skins to know more.