General file format

You can import existing payment details for recurring payments and referral data for fraud checks into the Adyen payments platform. The files containing the import data should be delivered in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format as per RFC 4180 with the exception that no multi-line fields are allowed and that a variable number of fields per line are used. Also, note that no header record is used and each line is prefixed by the payment method or type of referral list. An import file can only contain one type of data, recurring, or referral data.

If both types of data need to be imported into the Adyen payments platform two separate files need to be created. To support non-western characters make sure the files are in UTF-8 format. For security purposes, encrypt the files using PGP. If the file size permits, maximum amount of lines per file is 100.000. You can send the encrypted files through email.