Making payments with tokens

Use tokenized payment information for recurring and subscription payments.

Making a payment

To make a payment using a token, make a /payments request. Include the following values:

  • paymentMethod.recurringDetailReference
  • shopperReference 
  • shopperInteraction set to ContAuth.
   "reference":"Your Reference Here",

A successful payment has a HTTP status of 200 and a resultCode of Authorised.

   "additionalData": {
      "recurring.recurringDetailReference": "8314805280961415",
      "recurring.shopperReference": "1234"
   "pspReference": "8815329842815468",
   "resultCode": "Authorised"

Recurring transaction types

Some payment methods require payment requests to be flagged based on whether the shopper was present to enter the payment information themselves at point of payment, which is called a shopper-present transaction. If the shopper didn't enter their information at point of payment and saved details or card on file were used, this is called a shopper-not-present transaction.

Specify the shopper interaction, shopperInteraction, as Ecommerce for shopper-present transactions or ContAuth for shopper-not-present transaction.

Whenever you make a card payment without collecting CVC, you need to specify the shopperInteraction as ContAuth.

Collecting CVV with token

You may want to allow your shoppers to use their previously saved payment details, yet still collect the CVV in order to improve your auth rate and fraud protection. Use our Secured Fields to enable this.

On your checkout, only collect the CVV of the shopper, passing the CVV into the /payments request. You can use Secured Fields to only collect CVV. Additionally, provide the corresponding recurringDetailReference and set shopperInteraction to Ecommerce.

  "amount": {
    "value": 2000,
    "currency": "USD"
  "paymentMethod": {
    "type": "scheme",
    "recurringDetailReference": "7219687191761347",
    "cardDetails.cvc": "737"
  "reference": "Your Reference Here",
  "merchantAccount": "TestMerchant",
  "shopperReference": "yourShopperId_IOfW3k9G2PvXFu2j",
  "returnUrl": ""

Next steps

Capture a payment

Capture approved authorisation when it's necessary to complete the payment.


Manage tokens

Retrieve, update, and disable tokens you stored with Adyen.