Notification types

Learn about the MarketPay notification types.

Adyen MarketPay sends notifications to your platform on every event, which you may need to process. These notifications are sent to the endpoints that you specify for MarketPay using the API calls described in the Configure notifications document.

Notification messages include a number of different fields, which vary depending on the event type that triggers this specific notification. MarketPay sends the following notifications.

Notification Description

This notification is triggered when an account holder is created, or when an error occurred during account holder creation.


This notification is triggered when an account is created.


This notification is triggered when an account holder is updated.


This notification is triggered when the status of an account holder is changed (for example, when the processing amount exceeds the current tier's limits and proceeds to the next tier).


This notification is triggered when some events occur during account holder verification. For more information, refer to  KYC verification checks .


This notification is sent out when a payout is initiated.  If the payout process has been started successfully for a specified account, amount, and bank account, the notification contains statusCode = Initiated; in case of any error a notification with statusCode = Failed is sent.


This notification is triggered in case of a split payment is failed.


After refunds were triggered by the /refundNotPaidOutTransfers request , Adyen sends out this notification containing the scheduled refunds.


This notification is triggered in case the transferFunds request has been called.


This notification triggers when Adyen generates a platform-specific report.


On the last day of each month Adyen MarketPay checks if there are any accounts with a negative balance. When such accounts are found, MarketPay compensates their balance from the liable platform account and sends the COMPENSATE_NEGATIVE_BALANCE notification to the platform.