This object provides information on a shareholder contact.

Field Type Required Description
shareholderCode String (error)

A shareholder's code.

This is required for /updateAccountHolder requests.

name Name (tick) The name of the user.
personalData PersonalData (error) Personal information of the user.
address Address (error) Address of the user.
email String (tick) Valid email address.
webAddress String (error) Valid URL.
fullPhoneNumber String (error)

Either phoneNumber or fullPhoneNumber has to be provided.

The full phone number is a string handled as a landline phoneType (e.g. "0031 6 11 22 33 44", "+316/1122-3344", "(0031) 611223344").

phoneNumber PhoneNumber (error)

Either phoneNumber or fullPhoneNumber should be provided.

The phone number length needs to be at least 6 characters long, including the + leading symbol.