This object provides information on a specific transaction.

Field Type Required Description
amount Amount (tick) The amount of this transaction.
bankAccountDetail BankAccountDetail (error) The bank account details, where a payout was made to.
capturePspReference String (error) Capture PSP reference.
captureMerchantReference String (error) Capture merchant reference.
creationDate String (tick) The date this transaction was performed on.
description String (error) The description of this transaction.
disputePspReference String (error) Dispute PSP reference.
disputeReasonCode String (error)

Dispute reason code.

merchantReference String (error)

The unique value that you can provide to link multiple transactions to each other.


String (error) The original payment PSP reference.


String (error) The payout PSP reference, if applicable.
pspReference String (error) The PSP reference of the current transaction.
transactionStatus Enum (tick)

The status of this transaction.

transferCode String (error) A code of the transfer, specified for the Fund transfer call.