Apple Pay

Apple Pay gives your customers a secure and private way to pay in stores, within apps, and on websites. Customers use their iOS devices to pay for goods. Apple Pay can be quicker than accepting card payments. When customers are using apps or Safari, they can check out with a single touch.

Accepting Apple Pay is secure, as every transaction requires biometric ID authentication on iPhone and iPad, or passcode authentication on Apple Watch. Apple Pay also allows you to remain fully PCI compliant, as credit and debit card numbers are never handled on your system.

To be able to accept Apple Pay payments on your website or mobile app, you need to set up the Apple Developer Account, create corresponding certificates, and sign these files with Adyen. For detailed information on all the prerequisite steps, follow the instructions in the following topic:

For the integration steps to enable Apple Pay in your iOS app, refer to the following topic:

For the general steps on custom integration with Adyen API, refer to the topic below: