Custom integration (Web)

After initiating the Apple Pay payment on your website or mobile application, you should receive a token in the  onPaymentAuthorized event. 

Retrieve the paymentData from the token and convert it to a string. Pass this to your server, and then submit it in an /authorise request to Adyen.

Adyen supports 3DS only. To specify this in the ApplePay request, pass the merchantCapabilities parameter set to 3DS: (when creating an ApplePay session) : var request = { merchantCapabilities: ['supports3DS'] }

Step 1: Stringify the paymentData from the token

ApplePay returns more data than we need for authorisation, for example a shipping address, but only the PaymentData is necessary for authorisation. Take this data from the token and convert the JSON to a String: 

session.onpaymentauthorized = function(event) {
  var token = JSON.stringify(event.payment.token.paymentData);

Step 2: Submit the API request

The following example demonstrates how to submit an /authorise request. The value of the payment.token in the additionalData object is the string from step 1.

   "reference":"Your Reference Here",

Once you completed the steps above and tested your integration, contact Support Team to configure live processing of Apple Pay payments.