Installment payments

Installment payments are a way to spread out a payable amount. A shoppers can choose to split up a full payment into smaller chunks, which they pay off at regular intervals over a set period. 


Installment payments in Brazil are available through the following financial institutions:

  • Cielo (Adyen carries out reconciliation for S-level merchants.)
  • Rede (formerly Redecard; Adyen does not carry out reconciliation)
  • Banco Santander (Adyen carries out reconciliation and provides settlement reports)

Installment payments are also available for Klarna and RatePay Open Invoice. For more information, see Klarna, AfterPay and RatePay open invoice.

Getting started

Adyen provides merchant-funded installments so you can control the payment flow.

Set up a process to support payments in installments referring to the below pointers:

  1. Define the maximum number of installments a shopper can choose to pay for the purchase.
  2. Define a time frame to spread the installments over. For example, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.
  3. Set the amount due per installment.
  4. Set the interest rate to charge the shopper with for choosing installments as a payment method.
     Adyen does not calculate interest. Therefore, you should always send us the amount including the interest.

The installments are usually due on a at the beginning or the end of each month.  However, the due dates are controlled by the issuers and may vary in some cases.

You receive an installment every 30 days from the corresponding payment capture day.

Payment flows



Code examples

   "card" : {
        "number" : "4111111111111111",
        "expiryMonth" : "8",
        "expiryYear" : "2018",
        "cvc" : "737",
        "holderName" : "Adyen Test"
    "amount" : {
        "value" : 2000,
        "currency" : "BRL"
    "installments" : {
        "value" : 4
    "reference" : "Your Reference Here",
    "merchantAccount" : "TestMerchant",
    "shopperEmail" : "",
    "shopperIP" : "",
    "shopperReference" : "John Smith"
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">  
    <ns1:authorise xmlns:ns1="">
        <amount xmlns="">
          <currency xmlns="">BRL</currency>
          <value xmlns="">2000</value>
        <card xmlns="">
          <holderName>Adyen Test</holderName>
        <installments xmlns="">
          <value xmlns="">4</value>
        <merchantAccount xmlns="">TestMerchant</merchantAccount>
        <reference xmlns="">Your Reference Here</reference>
        <shopperEmail xmlns=""></shopperEmail>
        <shopperIP xmlns=""></shopperIP>
        <shopperReference xmlns="">Simon Hopper</shopperReference>

For information on available fields, refer to Installments.