Klarna, AfterPay and RatePay open invoice

Shoppers provide some personal data, like their address and birth date. An open invoice makes it easier for shoppers to buy products on your web site. The flow is as follows:

  1. Adyen verifies the details to make sure if the shopper is eligible to receive products or services before they actually pay for them.
  2. When this scenario applies, an invoice is included with the purchased goods.
  3. Shoppers need to pay the total amount stated on the invoice by initiating a bank transfer. Otherwise, they should return the goods.
  4. If an invoice is not honored, and if the purchased goods are not duly returned. You are eligible to turn the invoice over to a debt collection agency.
The open invoice payment method is available only in a limited number of countries.
This functionality requires additional configuration on Adyen's end. To enable it, contact the  Support Team.

We offer two options for open invoices:

  • Adyen accepts full risk, in cooperation with an invoicing partner.
  • Adyen only provides invoice administration and communication services, in cooperation with an invoicing partner.

When Adyen accepts full risk, you receive a percentage of the transaction amount immediately after sending a capture modification.

Invoice payment processing

The invoice payment process follows this high-level workflow:

  1. The shopper provides their personal information.
  2. We verify this data against our risk check system.
  3. Goods and open invoice are delivered to the shopper.
  4. You send us a capture modification, including the payment due date for the shopper.

    Open invoice payment methods must be captured with a capture request, even if your capture delay is set to Immediate. To set up auto-capture for open invoice payments, contact the Support Team.

  5. If the payment is not received in time, we contact the shopper and handle the process.
  6. Even if the shopper does not honor the invoice, the funds are settled.

The time period between capturing and settling a payment depends on your choice of open invoice partner.

Supported partners

We support the following open invoice partners:

You can implement open invoice payment methods either with an API or HPP integration. Depending on your business model, our Ecommerce integration can also be used for recurring payments with open invoice. Contact the Support Team for more information.