Klarna specifications

Open invoice through Klarna has the following additional requirements:

  1. It is recommended that the billing and delivery address to always match and It should not be possible to modify billing/delivery address or shopper details on the HPP. Therefore, the following fields you send to the HPP with your payment request need to be set to either 1 (values are displayed on HPP) or 2 (values are not shown on HPP):

    • billingAddressType

    • deliveryAddressType

    • shopperType

Klarna requires linking to merchant specific URLs on the HPP and to your own checkout page in case of Ecommerce. You can adjust these links yourself by editing the value klarna.more_information and klarna.privacy_policy in the language files of each skin. 

The default value for klarna.more_information is:

<a href="{0}" onclick="return wopen(this,600,450)">More information</a>

You can define the specific URL you are receiving from Klarna by exchanging the {0} parameter. 

Different shipping and billing addresses are not possible in Sweden by default. To allow this go to your Skin → Edit → Payment Methods → Klarna Invoice → enable Enable different shipping and billing addresses in SE and click Save.

You have to adjust this value in all locales you are offering. Read Extra options in the skin to know more.

To receive the Klarna specific refused reason codes:

  • HPP - Go to your Skin -> Edit -> Payment Methods -> Klarna Invoice and enable Include refusal reason in result url and click Save.
  • Ecommerce - The reason codes are returned in additionalData.refusalReasonRaw.

It is possible that the request shows a Pending status; AuthResult:PENDING for HPP; resultCode:Received for Ecommerce. In this case there is need for additional risk checks by Klarna.