RatePay Installments

RatePay installments are currently only possible via an  API integration .

Contact RatePay to discuss installment rates you can offer your shoppers to prevent refusals.

Follow the same implementation process as open invoice with the following additions:
  • selectedBrand – set the value to ratepay (there is no separate value for installments).
  • Add the installment object to define the number of installments.
  • Add the following items in the additionalData object:
    • ratepay.installmentAmount - (required) - Amount the customer has to pay each month.
    • ratepay.lastInstallmentAmount - (required) - Amount of the last installment.
    • ratepay.interestRate - (required) - Interest rate for this installment.
    • ratepay.paymentFirstday - (optional) - Calendar day of the first payment. Example value: 28.