Payment modifications

Learn how to cancel, refund, or capture a payment.

Capture, cancel, and refund actions are called modifications, since they  modify  the state of a payment. The possible payment modifications are: 

  • Capture – Capture approved authorisation when it's necessary to complete the payment.
  • Cancel – Cancel authorisation when the payment has not yet been captured. 
  • Refund – Return the funds to the shopper.
  • Cancel or Refund – Cancel a payment if it has not been captured yet, and refund it otherwise.
  • Cancel a POS refund request – Cancel a Point-of-sale (POS) refund request while it has been queued for a cooling-off period.
  • Technical cancel – Cancel a payment without providing the original pspReference
  • Refund with data – Refund a payment without providing the original pspReference.
  • Adjust authorisation – Adjust the authorised amount after the initial authorisation. Available for Visa and Mastercard only.

For Point-of-sale payments, modifications are specific to the library integrations. For more information, refer to our integration guides.