Point-of-sale terminal (or payment terminal, pin entry device (PED), process data quickly (PDQ))

A device that communicates with a shopper’s card at the point of sale. Usually, a card is swiped or inserted into a POS terminal. The shopper is then prompted to enter a PIN or sign (depending on the country, card type and the transaction amount). It is sometimes referred to as a Pin Entry Device (PED), though this only refers to the part of a terminal where the PIN is entered.

Adyen refers to the Payment terminal as "the terminal". The terminal accepts a request from the Adyen libraries to start transactions. The terminal displays the amount charged to the shopper and allows printing of a receipt. It will also offer DCC if applicable. Once an authorisation is obtained, the resulting data is sent to the Adyen payments platform for further processing. The receipt is sent with this data and you can see it in the Customer Area.

Adyen uses Verifone terminalsoptimized for integration with the Adyen payments platform.