Data storage

For each order that results in a payment attempt on the Adyen HPP, the payment results are available in the following fields:

  • PSP reference – a unique Adyen ID of this payment. It is a link between Commerce Cloud order and Adyen payment.
  • Payment Method.
  • Amount – the amount paid.

They are handled by the Adyen.notify controller method, which receives the notification messages from Adyen. In one case, when a payment is refused on Adyen HPP, these fields are updated in Adyen.showConfirmation controller.

Notifications are queued in Commerce Cloud for a short duration: either until Adyen provides a final status for the order, or the custom object retention period is reached.

Commerce Cloud stores a custom object briefly until a notification has been received from Adyen. As the final status is obtained, the custom object is deleted. If Adyen don't respond to the order with a notification in 72 hours, Commerce Cloud will automatically remove the custom object instance.

All the communication to/from Adyen is logged in the log file directory available via webDAV. Check this log file in case you have any problems.

Also, all the notifications sent by Adyen are logged on the order level and can be found on Notifications tab of Order Details page in BM.