Configure scheduled jobs

Adyen sends notifications to the Commerce Cloud endpoint updating the payment status. Commerce Cloud stores them as custom object instances queued for processing. Scheduled jobs iterate the received notifications updating the order payment transactions and order status.

Set up a site-level job for each site using the Adyen notifications process and determine the schedule and frequency for each client.

  1. For this new job, go to Administration > Operations > Job Schedules.
  2. Click New Job, specify its ID, set Priority to Normal, and then click Create.
  3. On the Edit Job page, switch to the Step Configurator tab.
  4. Click Configure a step, then ExecuteScriptModule, then fill in the job details.
    For the Process step, enter the details as shown below and click Assign.

  5. Click the plus icon () to add a new step, then set ID to Clean, enter the details as shown below, and click Assign.