Set up Terminal API

Adyen's Terminal API allows your Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores to process payments via point-of-sale devices.

Adyen's Terminal API is not yet available for SFRA.

Before you begin

Step 1: Enable POS payments

  1. Go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment methods.

  2. Click AdyenPOS.

  3. Select Yes in the Enabled column.

  4. In the AdyenPOS Details section, from the Payment Processor drop-down, select Adyen_POS.

Step 2: Configure services

  1. Go to Administration > Operations > Services.

  2. In the Profile column next to AdyenPosPayment, click Adyen.  

  3. In the Name box, enter Adyen.

  4. In the Connection Timeout (ms) box, enter 100.000.

  5. Ensure that the Enable Circuit Breaker check box is not selected.

Step 3: Configure a terminal

  1. Go to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences.

  2. Click Adyen.

  3. In the Adyen POS unique terminal ID box, enter the ID of your Adyen POS terminal. You can find this in the Adyen Customer Area, under Point of Sale >Terminal Fleet Manager.

  4. In the X-API-KEY of Web service box, enter your Checkout API key. You can find this in the Adyen Customer Area, under Settings > Users > [your web service user] > Checkout API Key.

Step 4 (optional): Configure multiple terminals

To configure multiple terminals: 
  1. Go to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences.

  2. Click Adyen.

  3. In the Terminal configuration JSON box, enter JSON objects for the different terminals. Use the following key-value pairs:
Key Value

The unique ID of the terminal. You can find this in the Adyen Customer Area, under Point of Sale >Terminal Fleet Manager > Unique Terminal Id. 

Description Description of the terminal.
Store The name of the store for this terminal. You can specify your own store names. 

Make sure that you only change the values, and keep the keys (POIIDDescriptionStore) as they are.

Code sample

      "POIID" : "P400-1234",
      "Description" : "Terminal description",
      "Store" : "YourStore1"
      "POIID" : "P400-5678",
      "Description" : "Terminal description",
      "Store" : "YourStore2"