Point of sale overview

Accept in-store payments with our point-of-sale solution.

Our point-of-sale (POS) solution enables you to accept in-store payments from credit and debit cards, gift cards, and wallet payment methods such as Apple Pay and WeChat Pay.

We offer the latest Verifone terminals, which can be integrated as stand-alone terminals, or connected to a cash register system and used with our Terminal API. We've also developed plug-ins that let you integrate quickly with your existing cash register software.

POS payments are processed on the Adyen payments platform, the same platform that processes our online payments. This means you can monitor your payments and shopper data, and manage fraud for all your sales channels using one system.

Supported countries
Point-of-sale is currently available in: Australia, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States.

Payment terminals

We offer a range of the latest Verifone terminals. These all feature:

For more information on our payment terminals, see our User manuals documentation. 

Managing terminals

The Terminal Fleet Manager (TFM) is our web-based solution for configuring, monitoring, and controlling your POS terminals. It is accessible from the Adyen Customer Area, and gives you an overview of all registered terminals. Each user with TFM access can also view and, depending on their role and permissions, configure and update terminals, and track which terminals conform to the new PCI P2PE requirements.

Contact the POS Support Team for more information on terminal fleet management and our TFM.

Integrating with Adyen

Our POS solution gives you the option to use our terminals as stand-alone devices, or connected to a cash register or tablet. You can integrate in the following ways:

  • Stand-alone: Our quickest and simplest integration for accepting in-store payments.
  • Terminal API: Our powerful POS API integration.
  • Plug-ins: Integrate our in-store payments solution into your cash register system using our POS plug-ins.

If you've integrated with one of our POS Libraries, refer to our Classic library integrations documentation.


With our stand-alone integration, payments are initiated directly on the payment terminal, without the need for a cash register.

Our Portable terminal comes pre-configured for a stand-alone integration. Once it's been connected to your network it can start accepting payments.

For more information, see our Portable terminal user manual.

Terminal API

Based on the nexo Retailer Protocol, our Terminal API is a powerful POS payments API. Payments are initiated on the cash register, which is connected to the terminal either locally or through our cloud-based gateway.

For more information, see Terminal API integration overview.


We also offer a range of plug-ins, so you can quickly integrate with your existing cash register system software.

For more information on integrating with our POS plug-ins, contact our POS Support Team.

Next steps

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