Mail and Telephone Order (MOTO)

Outlines passing the MOTO tender option with a PaymentRequest to trigger a Mail and Telephone Order

Tender options can be used to modify your payment request. Tender options are passed to the Terminal API using the SaleToAcquirerData or TransactionConditions field.


The URL used to send  Terminal API  messages depends on your type of implementation. For more information on the architectures available, see the Terminal API Overview .


Tender options are passed with a regular PaymentRequest in the same way as making a basic payment. A PaymentRequest can include additional form-encoded key-value pairs in the SaleToAcquirerData field. This can include data to create recurring contracts.

Pass the MOTO tender option in SaleToAcquirerData

MOTO transactions are card-not-present transactions, where the payment details are presented to a merchant by a shopper by means of mail (not email), fax, or telephone.

To start a MOTO transaction, specify the tenderOption=MOTO as a key value pair in SaleToAcquirerData when making a PaymentRequest call to the Terminal API.

PaymentRequest - Tender Options
  "SaleToPOIRequest": {
    "MessageHeader": {
      "ProtocolVersion": "3.0",
      "MessageClass": "Service",
      "MessageCategory": "Payment",
      "MessageType": "Request",
      "ServiceID": "0110123015",
      "SaleID": "POSSystemID12345",
      "POIID": "MX925-260193322"
    "PaymentRequest": {
      "SaleData": {
        "SaleTransactionID": {
          "TransactionID": "5748",
          "TimeStamp": "2018-01-10T11:30:15+00:00"
        "SaleToAcquirerData": "tenderOption=MOTO"
      "PaymentTransaction": {
        "AmountsReq": {
          "Currency": "EUR",
          "RequestedAmount": 10.99


For a list of Payment Response fields, see PaymentResponse fields.

An authorisation is attempted and you receive a response with the following fields: