General POS troubleshooting

My terminal is not responding

Solution: Reboot the terminal. If the terminal is still not working as expected after reboot, contact our POS support team. They will work with you to solve the problem and, if necessary, will set up a replacement of the terminal. 

To reboot a wired terminal: Turn the device off and then on again.

To reboot wireless terminals: 

  • Make sure that the terminal is not charging 
  • Press the red button until screen displays the message "shutting down". 
  • Press the green button for a short while until the terminal's display is active again.

The terminal shows a message indicating that no network is connected

Solution: Wired terminal: reconnect or replace the network cable.

 Wireless terminal: reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

The terminal does not boot up

Solution: Ensure that the power supply is plugged in, and charge the device for at least 30 minutes. If the device still does not boot up, contact POS support.

Solution: Contact POS support.

The terminal will not print receipts

Solution: Ensure that there is still paper in the roll and that it is fitting in the terminal correctly. For more information on installing printer paper, see our user manuals

The terminal is displaying a "tamper detected" message

Solution: This is a protection mechanism to guarantee secure processing. It prevents unauthorized persons making adjustments to the terminals. Replace the terminal and check for any fraud tracks. For more information, see this page.

The terminal does not recognize payment cards

Solution: If payment cards are not recognized by the terminal, it's possible the system has lost its configuration. Re-board the terminal. If the issue still occurs, you will need to replace the terminal.

The terminal does not charge

Solution: If a terminal does not charge, ensure the it is connected to power and that the battery is correctly inserted into the device. If this does not resolve the issue, try to charge the terminal with another charger if available. If the terminal still does not charge, you will need to replace it.

The terminal displays an exclamation mark at the top of the screen

Solution: There still is data stored on the terminal that couldn't be sent to the Adyen payments platform. It is most likely that the terminal is not connected to the network. Please check your network connection (see above) before reaching out to POS support.

The terminal is not connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Solution: There are several possible causes and solutions for this issue:

  • Battery status - If the battery is too low, the terminal will not connect to Wi-Fi anymore. Connect the device to a power source to resume the network connection.
  • Changed settings - If you have changed settings on the Wi-Fi network, such as a change of password, this can result in a lost connection. To solve this issue, ensure credentials and settings are correct in the Network menu.        
  • Poor Signal - Network specialists should analyze the network range and try to improve it. If the problem is interference, switch to a 5ghz network (not supported by the VX675 or VX680).
  • Lost connection not picked up automatically - Attempt to connect manually using the network menu. If this does not work, it is likely that the software on the terminal is outdated. In order to prevent this issue, we recommend regular software updates.

The terminal boots up normally but transactions fail, and it is not possible to access the Internet on other Internet-connected devices such as computer, POS systems, and so on.

Solution:  If there is an Internet issue, contact your IT department or your internal help desk for assistance. 

The terminal is stuck in a boot loop and continuously restarts.

Solution: Please reach out to POS support to resolve this issue.

The light on my VX680 is blinking red

Solution: This results from one of two issues:

  • Battery low: Recharge the device to resolve the issue.
  • No receipt roll: Replace the receipt roll to resolve the issue.      

An error message displays when I boot my terminal

Solution: There is a fault with your terminal. Contact POS support to organize a replacement.