Test acquirer responses

Change the last digits of the transaction amount to simulate different acquirer responses:

Amount (last three digits) Acquirer Response Transaction Result
Any (except the special cases below) Approved Approved
121 Acquirer Cancelled Refused
122 Fraud Refused
123 Declined Refused
124 Not enough balance Refused
125 Blocked card Refused
126 Expired card Refused
127 Invalid amount Refused
128 Invalid card number Refused
129 Not supported Refused
130 Acquirer error Error
131 Acquirer declined Refused
132 Acquirer declined Refused

Incorrect online PIN

Use correct PIN

135 PIN tries exceeded Refused
136 Issuer unavailable Refused

Withdrawal Amount Exceeded


Withdrawal Count Exceeded


Amount partially approved


Contactless Withdrawal Amount Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED)

143 Contactless Withdrawal Count Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED) Refused
144 Not Submitted Refused
145 Cancelled due to Fraud Refused
146 Transaction Not Permitted Refused
147 CVC Declined Refused
148 Restricted Card Refused
149 Revocation Of Auth Refused
150 Declined Non Generic Refused
151 Issuer Suspected Fraud Refused
152 No checking account Refused
153 No savings account Refused
Any Card removed during app selection Error
Any Cancelled via terminal Cancelled
Any Cancelled through the library by merchant Cancelled

Shoppers and merchants can cancel the transaction using the PED. Merchants can also cancel the transaction using the library. A cancellation will generate the result "CANCELLED".

Refunds will generate an approved response.